L’oreal Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream Nourishing Leave-in Cream Review

hc4505_1-1PHEW, that name was a handful.

This is my first hair product review and I hopefully do a good job. This leave in treatment is available at drugstores and can range from $6-8 and is a part of the Extraordinary Oil line which features 6 luxurious oils from L’Oreal. It contains 150 ml.

This product does contain silicone, in case you are trying to avoid that, but it is lower in the list, therefore there is a smaller amount of it.

The product is extremely runny which can be a good or bad thing depending on your hair type. It can be used on wet and dry hair as a heat protectant.

The smell is very strong and perfume-y and I personally did not like the scent but I think the average person would appreciate it.

I have not tried this product in conjunction with its matching shampoo and conditioner, however I think it is a great product and can work with any hair type. I have really dry straight hair and it moisturized it well. My friend with curly hair tried it and also loved it. She said her curls looked good throughout the week and she didn’t style her hair.

Overall, I think this product would get 8/10 (mainly because I didn’t like the scent, and it’s a little too runny for me). I recommend this product 🙂


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